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>> big time. >> my best friend is a doctor, a orthopedic surgeon. i'm going to surprise you. you want to give doctor's orders? he's like no, i don't want to. >> don't do drugs, stay in school. >> so as an orthopedic foot and ankle surgeon, i know medicine has made some incredible advances. few things are as good as your health. for your health is having a best friend. >> that's true. in the end, it's very true, despite all the advances in medicine, having a best friend when it comes to your health may be one of the most important things of all. thanks for joining us. we'll see you next time. [applause]
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(male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >> good morning on this christmas. we are taking a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. the bay area is gearing up for another round of storms. we'll be checking in with anny who has a look at our forecast in just a few minutes. but first. it will be a white christmas in many states as powerful winter storms move across the country. that could lead to travel delays on the ground and in the air. ed payne has the story. >> the flight crews run out ins door road crews-ahead of the expected christmas storm appeared similar, in oklahoma, where the will rogers airport flights have been cancelled. mark clayton burke
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>> when we start clearing this, it is typically a rule crew o 9-12 people to live with the use a high- tech survey crew that makes sure that the ice is going to be safe. the mice can be difficult to teach. >> spring killed, missouri are preparing for the storm that could dump 8-inches. salt-truck is expected to be called and. >> we take this as an the other day just come in and do your job >> reporter: frightful and little rock, ark. the chrisy 4 in. and higher amounts in portions of the state. the could-c 4 in.. they're the best part of would be to stay at home and enjoy your christmas >> reporter: winter weather advisories from texas, and
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the woodland court this severe is also expected in the south east. >> let us check about the forecast, andy. >> yes, we are tracking showers off the coast. here is a look of the satellite & radar. near ukiah, there are rain patterns there could be widespread rainfall really coming through by the afternoon. it will eventually press itself. this rainfall could be quite heavy at times especially along with gusting conditions. there could be trees and downed as the ground is already quite a saturated. cloudy conditions
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and that of rainfall will start to push towards the north bay. it will be heavy at times. we will not see as much moisture as what we saw this morning but the crowd is a saturated. some flooding is possible and also for tonight with the rainfall continuing. we will watch for flooding temperatures are 40's, merry christmas to downtown in san francisco, and temperatures are going to drop into the 30's into the north bay. more about the recall, timing it out on futurecast. >> thank-you, and thanny maybe if you are coming home? there should be no problems getting home leave your the
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as you leave your party, the headlights far east of us are plenty of you in the extra car in front of you. this is the golden gate bridge i do not see one car. perfect conditions so far as your headed towards san francisco. anny, thank you for the forecast,in the east bay. a road that keeps flooding has really resident. kron 4's justine waldman shows us the mudslide and what's being done about it. >> reporter: as soon as it started to rain this resident, victor new that it was going to happen and he got out his video. >> nobody wants to listen to victor. >> i knew that this road was a ticking bomb waiting to happen. >> the flooding was went
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from a two lanes, to one lane, and in order to avoid the water they have to drive in the opposite direction of traffic. >> reporter: i have seen this. >> at least for 15 years, they do not know what to do. they do not know which way to go. >> reporter: dangerous course york >> yes, 600 families. >> reporter: he says that it starts on the top of the hill. with trade to not in place the that is not proper drainage. even these would in error oc. cages-barricades at even good enough to keep that water out. >> the mayor sent me a
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confirmation e-mail that things are getting taken care of. >> reporter: justin waldman, kron 4 >> more problems in the east bay. another mudslide in contra costa county.near the oakland border.on pinehurst road. it was a mess and the road was closed for awhile. drivers were trying to navigate around the mud. the c-h-p was called to the scene around 5 yesterday morning. >> we are providing traffic control shortly, the county will also bring working crews to clean up this however, it is going to be closed from sky line. >> the slide was cleaned up in a few hours. but with more rain in the forecast - the public works department. of course. will keep an eye on the area.
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the stormy weather caused a big tree branch to fall onto this san francisco gas station. it happened on portrero and 17th over the weekend. the awning of the 76 gas station was knocked over. no one was hurt. >> thousands of nurses at nine bay area hospitals are expected to return to work today after a day of strikes. hospital officials and representatives with the california nurses association say registered nurses and technicians with sutter health walked off the job yesterday morning. the strike is the eighth by the union since last september. it comes as both sides remain at odds in a lingering dispute over healthcare, benefits, and staffing issues. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. gas prices are going down. but milk prices are going up. i'll tell you about that when we come back in just a few minutes.
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gabe slate tech report >> a 60 percent of us will receive at least one gift card. it is expected that $1.6 billion will be not used in 2013 after that is crazy! wasted money, i and some of us forecast that we store them or even just for that -- that we have stored them. and i guess that some of us just forecast them. however, technology to the rescue with us forgetting about them a. this free application, " to achieve wh gyft'.... is the name of the
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free application. up load. and it will be able to be scanned right from your phone, to the cashier. your even able to swap with other people that have was that you want. gabe slate tech report kron 4. >> families across the u-s will have to rely on other sources of entertainment after netflix's video streaming service was hit by a christmas eve outage. the company, based in los company tweet. it blames amazon's infrastructure, which netflix uses. no word yet on when then the service will be restored. >> we talk about the fiscal cliff - but there could also be a 'dairy cliff'. beginning next year, you could pay as much as seven dollars for a gallon of milk. a stalled farm bill means certain protections for farmers are expiring. a dairy subsidy ends january first.
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if congress doesn't act before then, the u-s would revert to a 63-year-old dairy policy. it would force the government to buy milk at inflated prices, driving up the cost for everyone. we will be right back on the kron 4 morning news. first, let us take a look at the san francisco's skyline good is a post card morning. cold your forecast, coming up.
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factory weekend o after a snows over the weekend of sierra have been clear. and several ski resorts around lake tahoe are reporting record amounts of fresh powder. kron 4's charles clifford has an update on conditions this is along highway 50 in the salt lake tahoe with fresh power itself lake tahoe.
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>> all i just heard that charles clifford mentioned that we are going to see some of snowfall. and he also mentioned that this is one of the most snowiest
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seasons in the high country. >> 6-12 in. around lake tahoe. heavy snowfall expected tire chain laws will be in effect. proportions of ukiah and to the north bay locations. it will eventually make its way to the greater bay area. this is a fast-moving system. heavy downpours at times. if your concerned about the flooding of? there could be even toppled trees because of the saturation level of the ground. we will see their rainfall in the north bay and it will spread to protest it could be heavy. and that rainfall
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still having difficulty. with 6:00 a.m., you are definitely gore to want your umbrella.
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pleasanton, this is a chilly at 38. the highs for today you can see 50s richmond, 54 degrees. here is a look at the seven day around the bay. it is wet today so watch for those patric trees tht could impact even power lines because of the current a saturation level of the soil.
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>> most areas are looking decent from the east bay to san francisco the san mateo bridge is also not a problem. traffic picked up lightly but easy, no matter what direction you are going on the san mateo, or the golden gate. very light. in fact, i only see one headlight coming in our direction. no problems from the north bay. and candy mentioned the snowfall. there was an avalanche giving for easter.
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the man was found under two- feet to treat at the base of the avalanche the wind causing trips of 6 ft.-7 ft.. >> residents of newtown, conn. are trying to find stor people say that it is important to still celebrate the holiday. they are trying to comfort the holiday. with police officers today will get today off. and officers from surrounding towns have a volunteered to
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cover the sfhits and social media was used to collect families in need and a round of gift giving hundreds of people who did not have anything to put on the table this holiday got a christmas meal, extra groceries and warm clothing.
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possible. lefty o'doul's restaurant in san francisco has collected about six-thousand toys in a last- minute toy drive. the restaurant's goal for today's annual christmas eve toy drive was to collect 15-thousand new, unwrapped toys. the goal is to provide toys to 44-thousand children in need this year. today firefighters travel around the city dropping off toys at homes, playgrounds and to children they pass by on the street. families who have applied to receive toys can also pick them up at the program's headquarters on jerrold avenue. we'll be right back here on the kron four morning news.
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>> good morning. by 9:00 a.m., and 11:00 a.m., you can see the green and the yellow representing about rainfall the concern could beat the with trees toppling over. hayward, fremont, and also of the peninsula. 6:00 p.m., could still stick around, residual showers possible but otherwise we could see
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temperatures on a cool note. 40's and it downtown, oakland, and redwood city. >> and me, let us take a quick check of the bay bridge , it anny we can see that many people are going to work if they are going home perhaps from an evening party? the lightest traffic, there is only one car going towards san francisco going north, south of the golden gate bridge it should not be a problem >> the water is back on for 15 homeowners. it was shut
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off because of a water main break that flooded. . avenue was closed between the bell/tennessee. reggie kumar? >> reporter: the marin district created a repair as of 8:50 p.m. they did however, find some problems from this cast iron 12-inch diameter pipe it moved so with the steel valve and the sleeve did not line up, initially. they had to make some adjustments. they say because the pipe is over 60 years old it cracked because of its peach >> that the break is still under investigation. because of its-8 it broke under it investigat because it. with thousands of water per
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minute residents, concern. >> though water was nearly level with the sidewalk. >> a portion of the avenue will be remaining closed until midnight reggie kumar, kron 4. >> the search for the suspected drunk driver has been called off. he was stopped at near and sir francis drake. at 12:30. he ran off and ran into the corps de mader--corta madera also, this 25 year- old drunk driver charges have been filed. she faces several felony counts
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including hit and run. she hit 4 on christmas point road. the woman that wou guide wa the woman that that died was a 56 year-old chinese woman. there of pipe bomb there have been pipe bomb investigations with trout arrested. san jose police have released a man that was stabbed to death at a graduation party. he died that was being held at an insurance agency owned by his cousin no word on the motive. no arrests. >> there have been two
4:37 am
people displaced by this fire in menlo park. a grease fire burned into the apt in the upper unit 35,000 to-40,000 damages however thankfully, no injuries officers responded to to this 30 year old was lying on conscience with a gun victim he was lying unconscience
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>> governor jerry brown has issued pardons to 79 felons most have been convicted of drug crimes. it does not the race--it will not erase their criminal record however, it could provide some potential for their release.
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good morning on this christmas. we are taking a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. the bay area is gearing up for another round of storms. we'll be checking in with anny who has a look at our forecast in just a few minutes. but first. it will be a white christmas in many states as powerful winter storms move across the
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>> let us take a look if this teenager in kansas. an elaborate light display. >> this is so cool. >> he goes beyond just a few
4:47 am
extension accord , my neighbors came out and clapped. he is 13 and has put it to music. >> i do not know how anybody gets any sleep. however, speaking of snowfall i know that anny, there is some snowfall. that reminds me of that house in
4:48 am
san diego. there are just so many lights that people are complaining. and here is a look at your stormtracker 4, nearly christmas. merry christme looking at west of santa rosa towards petaluma. and at san rafael but the north bay will see some of this rainfall first. fans here is a look at the satellite & radar near ukiah. the rainfall is indicating some of blue. the shasta county with even lake tahoe pressing south-east. with
4:49 am
the rainfall saturated. this morning, for your christmas morning we are waking up to cloudy conditions. we are going to see some rainfall and for this afternoon, heavy rainfall possible. it will be headed south. it will continue tonight with watches and a possibility of flooding. it will be isolated, and in nature. the national weather service. here is how it times out on futurecast. just as you are waking up, cloudy conditions. that is where we see some of the green. by san rafael, vallejo and also by a 11:00 a.m., some light rainfall through other areas of the bay. by noon,
4:50 am
petaluma, some moderate indicated by the yellow. and also the east bay towards oakland, hayward and also for this afternoon a moderate/heavy. moderate. with toppled trees potentials and flash flooding. you can see if it is pressing south. fremont, redwood city and it will pull out by 9:00 p.m. it will leave us with just scattered showers this evening. temperatures, as you are waking up, it or if you are still sleeping? mid- 40s for downtown san francisco. we do have a winter weather advisory for the lake tahoe area. starting at 4:00 a.m.. from 10 in.-18 in. of a fresh power. of of 10,000 ft.. and
4:51 am
fresh-powder--tire chain laws in effect. 50s for most of the bay area. your kron 4 7 day around the bay wet today and breezy conditions mild air into breezy. >> let us show you the bay bridge toll plaza. it is on/off. sometimes, busier
4:52 am
than others and if you have fastrak, by all means, you are going to be going above the speed limit because it is so easy at this hour. please keep in mind, there are when and advisories'. as you are going towards san francisco with the-wind advisories -- >> still however, plenty of space between each car. the golden gate bridge, also very easy not a problem santa claus help pasanta claus - helped a child help fulfill a request.
4:53 am
>> what do you want for christmas? >> he was bombarded so the family could make a memories short to last a lifetime. buy it now, he has heard it all. >> with legals, ipad, ipod, bart recalls. until the to year-old. and what may be what else would you like? >> and daddy. daddy. the back story, hunters father was deployed and with the magic of christmas brought him home much earlier. >> and if you could do me a
4:54 am
favor look right to bear. >> that is and daddy
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>> and elizabeth hess the hollywood minutes with a reality star. >> bethany announced that her and her husband are splitting up. she reached out and thanked all her fans.. ronny wood is getting married at a london hotel
4:58 am
the first kiss on the streets of london and the duke and duchess will visit the duchess' family.... >> still a lot going on in the bay area. newtown, conn. how
4:59 am
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>> welcome back. we can see snow in it shasta county. there is a winter weather advisery
5:02 am
you can see by 2:00 p.m., there is a weather advisory indicated by the yellow. george? >> good morning, as we take elected the bay bridge there is no -- as we take a look at the bay bridge
5:03 am
>> this is after collid glide food and kitechen volunteers will serve thousands and as they always get a lot of oggd
5:04 am
volunteers and volunteers are needed for the day after christmas buy they need help all year. >> i have been out there, a great time to teach your children a lesson. here are other meals that will be distributed and the city of san francisco and a
5:05 am
registration fee... the goal is to deliver >> this mud slide and contra costa county. pinehurst road has been closed. they have been trying to navigate. the c h p was called on the scene. >> this morning, as you can see behind me there is a rockslide. shortly, there will be the county coming out with a cleanup crew. with a big rig and a backhoe. we should see this from sky line to possibly
5:06 am
the department of public works will keep a close eye on that area. in the east bay, this also frustrated a longtime resident. justin waldman? >> you can see this. >> as soon as this was going to happen he got out his cellphone camera. and he found out that it was a complete mudslide. >> i know of this road and i knew that it was going to happen. >> this went one from two lanes, to one lane. the cars have to go to the opposite direction. >> i have seen this happen
5:07 am
for at least 15 years. the did not know where to go. they did not know where to go. to >> it is very dangerous. >> id is very dangerous. >> he is saying that because of all of this mess it creates these at the top of the hilltop. that is why he is sharing this video so he can reach out to the city. >> look at that! >> the mayor sent me and most of the supervisors also said to me a confirmation that that they are working on it. and when are they going to work on it? >> to clear it out, they are bringing this in with large equipment >> still ahead on the kron 4 morning news we are
5:08 am
following the weather, the traffic and speaking of traffic, let us look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza. the traffic is not a problem. and let me go out on a limb right now you are probably not were to have any problems. please keep in mind, that the chp is out for the several days with a deal by checkpoint. do not drink and drive, they will be out in full force with a dui checkpoint... look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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>> we are still going to see some wet conditions. today, christmas morning, good morning and mary christmas.
5:21 am
lake tahoe will see heavy snowfall tire chain laws will be in effect. it will be a white christmas 50s in downtown san francisco. your kron 4 7 day around the bay breezy tomorrow and through a start to dry out. with showers possibly in the morning. thursday, mostly
5:22 am
sunny and unsettled. we are going to see mild temperatures with 50s by sunday and monday. some areas nearly 60, george! >> good morning, anny. we are going to see some conditions on the nimitz where there has been an accident at 880/fruitvalle. this vehicle flipped over and it has been struck by two other vehicles. this c h p is and the process of closing lanes and not only closing down the lanes but also closing down of the the nimitz freeway. it could mean some sick evicted delays for oakland, perhaps using 580--it could
5:23 am
pass mean significant-delays for oakland. perhaps using an alternate as 580. this landfill, was also on the northbound highly wa highway wha northbound vehicle was struck thankfully, no injuries. and no backup. traffic is light. a quick look at the bridges. to-three lanes in each direction. >> from san francisco, to new-york of this real life st necnicholas. this real life
5:24 am
santa claus. he collected a toys. this is made up of over 100 children. from brooklyn, staten island. he is hoping to turn this into a non- profit. coming up on the kron 4 morning news, george will continue keep us updated. forest, this live look outside at the james lick freeway.
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remember, we had those heavy storms. we are expecting gusty conditions we could even this season trees toppling over with the wind coming through. and by 6:00 a.m., still heavy. you can expect downpours fiord and for the evening. this front, showing some residual scattered showers. . >> sadly, there are a couple of problems on the nimitz this vehicle, flipped over and it has been struck by passing vehicles, there have been two other cars that hit
5:34 am
it 880 northbound, shut down. however, there is not even much of a delay or a backup but there is a key to work. add a route-it is a reroute-to the next on ramp. your best is probably using 580. >> the water is back on 415 homes. this water main break between bell and tennessee. reggie kumar has more. >> the water district crews finally repaired the water main break with problems along the way. >> with this 12 in. cast iron at 12:00 a.m., it moved. the steel valve, the
5:35 am
steel sleeve and the steel pipe all, were not in alignment. they are saying that this cast iron pipe is 60 years old. this break is still under investigation. this water main break showed 1000 of gallons per minute! residents, were concerned about their homes. >> the water was pretty much level with the sidewalk. >> a portion of the avenue will be closed until mcknight. mill valley, reggie kumar, kron 4.
5:36 am
>> this routine be dui stop turns out with the driver ran jumped the fence and went into deaf corta madera volunteer
5:37 am
firefighters.responding to a fire scene near rochester new york were shot. tonight two firefighters are dead.two others.hospitalized in serious condition.but expected to survive. firefighters were not allowed to even battle the
5:38 am
massive fire for nearly six hours this morning. that's because the fire scene quickly turned into a crime scene. right as the volunteer firefightrs were arriving on scene.police say 62-year-old william spangler was perched like a sniper.firing off rounds towards the unsuspecting first responders. two were killed. 43 year old mike chiapperini who also served as the town's police department public information officer. and 19- year-old tomas kachoofka. kachoofka and chiapperini's two other firefighters who were shot are expected to recover. police say before dawn.the suspect, william spengler set a house and car on fire to lure the firefighters. as soon as they arrived, police say he started shooting. while police were looking for the shooter.the fire spread.engulfing 7 homes. the suspect was eventually found dead near the fire scene.after apparently shooting himself. and he was not even allowed to have a gun. spangler is a convicted felon.he was convicted of beating his 92-year-old grandmother to death with a hammer back in 19-80. spangler served 17 years - and police say it's unclear what his motive was for today's shooting. the town of webster, new york is now mourning. the joy of christmas>> very difficult... sot resident - it's just devastating. the suspect's home was one of the ones that burned. his sister lived with him.and is unaccounnted for. there is a vigil being held tonight for the fallen firefigters.
5:39 am
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5:41 am
>> it was a snowy weekend in the sierra. some tahoe area ski resorts are reporting near record amounts of snow. live tonight in the east bay with a quick look at traffic and an update on the >> this past saturday, the 680 had to be shut down. however, a different story. let me show you some of these road conditions. this is a caltrans camera along interstate 80 at the donner summit. the road is clear, but look at the piles of fresh snow one the sides of the road here. a couple miles away, same story near the the donner lake exit. now even though the 80 looks good at the moment,
5:42 am
caltrans is screening trucks for snow chains eastbound at applegate and westbound in truckee. now let's take a look along highway 50 in south lake tahoe. again lots of fresh new snow, but the roads are clear. maybe a little slick here. now, if you're headed to the mountains to go skiing. it's all good news. to the north, squaw valley and alpine meadows are reporting their second snowiest christmas on-record. in the past week squaw has received 70 inches of new snow. 220 inches in total so far this season. northstar has received 54 inches over the past 48 hours. to the south, heavenly also is reporting 54" of new snow just over the weekend. and finally this is a webcam view from kirkwood, which says it has received up to 84" of snow in the past week alone. now, the skies were clear monday afternoon, but more snow is forecast for the sierra starting on christmas
5:43 am
day. in the newsroom, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> there is an accident with a detour involved from the nimitz freeway. details, coming up. have a good night. here you go. you, too.
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regulate sugar levels. wishing you a happy new year. >> this live look from a downtown san francisco george will have an update on the incidences on the road but first, and hin any >> yes, we do have some light rain in the ukiah. the green indicated by the screen. the blue, the purple, through the shasta county with a winter storm and also lake tahoe. here is a look at futurecast. you can see congenitally mostly clear conditions. you-
5:49 am
generally i think we could see some pretty decent rainfall. trees toppling over, flooding. even moderate/heavy possible. the concern is that there could be more trees downed at the thunderstorms are possible to pass this cold front pushes through this morning, the cloudy with the north bay rainfall. heavy. we will have to watch out for the heavy gusting. flooding also a possibility. this winter
5:50 am
weather advisory. with a white christmas. 10 in.-18 in.. heavy snowfall possible. you are going to want to bring your tire chain laws. your kron 4 7 day around the bay breezy thursday, more sunshine and mild. george? >> good morning, into merry christmas. the 88 is 0 northbound. there there are no delays of the north bound directions. traffic at high street. you are going to be able to use
5:51 am
interstate 580. the officer on the scene thought about its could to be cleared by now. however, there could be damage to a temporary barrier. caltran assistance however, it might still be needed. 1 0 1 the northbound, there was a head on collision. it was on the northbound side of with a south bound-vehicle. believe it or not, the tow truck got stuck in the mud the good news is that it is still light conditions. the bay bridge. as you would expect, light.
5:52 am
>> here is a preview of " no showing ". >> quentin tarantino takes movie goers to the deep south. samuel jackson, jamie foxx, and leonardo di, a reapickup realeonardo leonardodo and les miserbles stars anne
5:53 am
hathaway, hugh jackman, rated pg13. and parental guidance' is with bette midler and billy crystal... >> still ahead, will speak about michelle obama, hollywood and new year's eve. spread it with kron 4, the biggest fireworks and the best celebrations hosted by sports director, gary radnich and catherine heenan.
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>> pope benedict to the verge of the christmas message to the world. purging the palestinians to negotiate with israel also celebrating the mass at st. peter's basilica in vatican city. >> the church of nativity in bethlehem also lining up with christians believe is where jesus was born it is located in the west bay in the middle east. >> children are trying to find out michelle obama. she
5:58 am
was speaking to children. norad tracks and monitors santa's path... jack klugman dies and your snow holiday forecast.
5:59 am

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